Nocona Hogg Club – In the News

Dallas Morning News, April 21, 1892

“Nocona, Tex., Last Saturday night a ‘Hogg and commission club’ was organized with sixty members.  W. S. Thurman, mayor, was elected president and James Foashee secretary.  Speeches were made by W. S. Thurman and G. W. Barefoot.  The club invited Hon. Charles Stewart of Gainesville to address them next Saturday night.”

Anyone have an idea about what a “Hogg Club” might have been?


4 responses to “Nocona Hogg Club – In the News

  1. Jim Hogg was elected Gov. of Texas in 1890 and was running for re-election in 1892, this may be the reason for the group.

  2. There was a Hogg governor of Texas and I think his wife was elected afterwards or ran for the job.

    One of his kids was named Imahogg. We ran across some geneaology that said our Boyd line was related to them. This is just off the top of my head. Billie has the data on paper.


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