Sunset Fruit Shipment 1897 – In the News

From the Dallas Morning News, June 17, 1897

“Sunset, Montague Co., Tex., – There were shipped from this place yesterday 700 boxes of fruit and vegetables, being the largest shipment that has ever been made from this place, 500 boxes going to New Orleans, the other 200 boxes going to Colorado and other points west.”

I was aware of Sunset’s famous fruit stands in the 1930s and after, but had no idea they were known for the fruits of their labor as early as 1897.  Did you?


2 responses to “Sunset Fruit Shipment 1897 – In the News

  1. Shannon, I have a picture of the Montague County Normal School Students dated June 6, 1908.  If you are interested I will be happy to email it to you.  It is rather a large file, but I scanned it so the faces would not be distorted when the picture is enlarged. Jo Raymond Great Granddaughter of Thomas David & Margaret Phillips Bailey of Saint Jo


    • Ms Raymond,
      I would love a copy of the photo. Please email it to gillettes(at)live(dot)com
      Thank you. I hope you enjoy the blog. Are there any topics you would like to see discussed here?

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