Forestburg’s Timid Ghost

In the summer of 1877, a Forestburg farmer related a most unusual sight.  Everyday around noon, he noticed a woman meandering across a nearby pasture.  She took the same route each day, walking diagonally across the field and into a thicket.  If he ignored her, she quietly and leisurely made her daily journey.  If he walked in her direction, she would scurry into the thicket.  After seeing her for several days, he decided perhaps she was a wild woman and called for  reinforcements to investigate.  The next day he rounded up his buddies, they strategically lined up around the perimeter of the pasture.  When the woman made her appearance, they all approached towards her, surrounding her on all sides.  She rushed into the thicket.  The curious searchers continued their advance, circling closer and closer to the thicket.  They  entered the thicket and searched every nook and crannie, but found no sight of the mysterious woman.

The next day, the noonday sun arose, and the woman made her daily stroll.


5 responses to “Forestburg’s Timid Ghost

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard about the Forestburg ghost. Do you know if the farmer was ever named?

    • Nancy, I found this story in a June 30, 1877 Dallas Weekly Hearld. The farmer isn’t named nor is there an exact location given. I just thought it was a fun story to share. I would like to know if anyone has ever heard of the Forestburg Ghostly Lady though. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you are still enjoying the blog. sg

  2. Looks like you enjoy a good Texas tale as much as I do. Keep it going.

  3. Fun story!

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