Welcome To Montague County, TX

Welcome to Historical Bytes.  The plan is to tell the exciting stories of Montague County’s history in bite size pieces.  This county has such a varied past that includes being the home to Wichita Indians, the birthplace of both Justin and Nocona boots, the crossing of the Red River along the Chisholm Trail and much more. 


16 responses to “Welcome To Montague County, TX

  1. Very interesting … though I was born and raised in Montague County , I still enjoy reading it’s history and folk-tales passed down through generations.. Congratulations on creating this historical showcase.

    • Shortfellow, so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you continue to check back. Would love to hear if there are particular stories you would be interested in reading about. Thanks again

  2. Very interesting. My husband’s parents lived in Montague County where his father was a pastor and a teacher (Jesse Russell and Myrtle Weddle).

    • Frances, Thank you, I am glad you found it interesting. The Tales N Trails Museum is putting together a family history collection. If you would like, we would love to have you send us any family tree information you might have one your husband’s family.

  3. I love love love it…we did alot in rosston, tx when i was married to Herbert Edwin Richardson…I remember working at more than one Sam Bass Days!!!

  4. I love the history and the beautiful hillsides too! Thanks for taking me way back about Montague County, TX!!!

    • Beth, I hope you continue to come back and see what’s going on here. Are there any Montague County stories you would like to know more about. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Mary Kathryn Goff

    Shannon, the cemetery in Saint Jo is Mountain Park, not Mountain Creek. Mountain Creek is off 677 on the way to Capps Corner.

  6. teresa skokowski

    thank you for the history! my g grandparents and grandmother and her sisters grew up in Montague! I have been away from my family genealogy due to military purposes, but retirement is near. Please email me as i would love to connect. My g grandfather is buried in Nocona cemetery. He died in
    1914 the rev jw west.Crawford and is another family name.I have a pic of the Montague co court house before it burned down in 1920 right after my grandmother was married there.Much more and i have so many questions that you may be able to help me with!

    • Teresa, would love to talk Montague county history with you. Email me anytime at gillettes at live dot com. Glad you enjoyed the blog, hope you continue to stop by.

  7. teresa skokowski

    great pictures!

  8. Connie Bellows Moulder

    I have a postcard that was written by my great, great granduncle who was “at school” in Bowie, TX to his parents Francis Newton Ramey of Savoy in 1909. The front of the card is a picture of the residence of Cecil Thomas of Bowie, TX. I wonder what school was in Bowie in 1909. I would be happy to share a picture of the card.

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